1. EPISODE 294: CAKEWALK William Pepper 42:30

Commavid knew what it was doing. I mean, they went out of business, but they knew a good basis for a game.


People really only like two things: kittens and cake. I know, people SAY they like other things, but this is actually about it. Unfortunately, “Kitten Walk” doesn’t roll of the tongue as easy as “Cakewalk”, so Commavid went with that for its 1983 game. And we’re playing it in ATARI BYTES episode 294.

Pass a fork!

Short Story: JACK & JILL

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Take a Chance”, “Pinball Spring” and “Reformat”.

Thanks to Sean Courtney for the “Storytime” theme.

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