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  1. Episode 132– In the Deathroom Pt.1 – “Going all Count Rugen” Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 1:01:19

This week Derry Public Radio takes a short detour back into “Everything’s Eventual” for “In the Deathroom” with guest Simon Balcon from the UK based Stephen King podcast, “Kingsize”. Tune in as we discuss the immediate feeling of hopelessness, Fletcher’s constant subversion of expectations, the mystery surrounding the others in the room, Dr. Hines’ terrifyingly vague torture device, CM’s love of academic study, and one final cigarette. Tell us about it while it’s fresh in your mind, on Episode 132, “Going all Count Rugen”.

Check out more of Simon Balcon on “Kingsize” at anchor.fm/kingsizepodcast or anywhere you listen to podcasts and their Instagram at @kingsizepodcast

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