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  1. The Club - Girl Underground Chapter 1 Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 1:14:36

Hello Constant Readers! We’re bringing you a our Patreon exclusive RPG! This time we played Girl Underground by Lauren McManamon and Jesse Ross. GU is a “tabletop roleplaying game about a curious girl and her strange companions as they travel through a wondrous world, complete a quest, and find the way back home”. Check out the game on Ross and Lauren’s website https://girlunderground.org/, meet our new players, and enjoy music and sound by Giallows https://giallows.bandcamp.com/album/giallows.
Josh – Game Master
CM – The girl
Alex McGill – The Construct
Jeremy Mahr – The Faun (you can hear Jeremy as our GM for the Kids on Bikes episodes. And he’s one of our Patrons too!)
Anthony Natarelli – The Beastie (You heard Anthony voice Mike in our 1408 Episode. Check out his projects at https://www.facebook.com/OneDollarProducer.)