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  1. The Club - Girl Underground Chapter 5 Derry Public Radio - A Stephen King Podcast 53:27

Chapter 5 of Girl Underground follows The Girl and her Companions as they have entered the Court of the Fairy Queen. Robin, having violated his banishment, returns to find his home has changed drastically. Now our heroes must escape the realm of the faeries in order to get Kat home once and for all.
Josh – Game Master
CM – The Girl
Alex McGill – The Construct
Jeremy Mahr – The Faun (you can hear Jeremy as our GM for the Kids on Bikes episodes. And he’s one of our Patrons too!)
Anthony Natarelli – The Beastie (You heard Anthony voice Mike in our 1408 Episode. Check out his projects at https://www.facebook.com/OneDollarProducer.)
Music and sound by Giallows https://giallows.bandcamp.com/album/giallows.
For more on Girl Underground visit https://girlunderground.org/