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Guilty Pleasures

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Let’s be honest, we all have movies that we love despite what our common sense tells us. It’s not so much a question of why that we’re interested in, but how embarrassed are you to defend your love of one of these terrible films! Join host Lou Hare and his merry band of cinematic masochists as they review the movies we love to hate!

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Download the episode Guilty Pleasures dials into all 666 channels of the 1992 hidden gem, Stay Tuned! You want puns? You got ’em! We sing the praises of John Ritter, Pam Dawber, Eugene Levy...

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Download the episode Lindsay Lohan is back and so is Guilty Pleasures!! Ms. Lohan has entered the Netflix Christmas Universe with Falling For Christmas and our panel will ask the important...

Listen · 1:44:12
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Download the episode Lou talks about his hiatus from the podcast. Donate to The ALS Association

Listen · 34:04
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Download the episode It’s time to go to work! Guilty Pleasures closes out February with the 35th Anniversary of the Sylvester Stallone classic OVER THE TOP. As Norm McDonald once described it,...

Listen · 1:35:56
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Download the episode It’s time to hit the road! GP favorites Sam Dubina & Tiffany Topol join Lou to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of Crossroads! Did Britney Spears’ feature film debut...

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Download the episode Once more into the lobster tank, dear friends, once more. Guilty Pleasures wouldn’t miss the new installment of the MCU’s drunk cousin and you shouldn’t miss this...

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Download the episode It’s time to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of one of the most notorious movies of the century! GP Favorite and Resident Pop Music expert Tiffany Topol joins Lou to talk...

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Download the episode Guilty Pleasures has had it with these monkey-fighting snakes on this Monday-to-Friday plane! Wait, is that how the line goes? We’re celebrating the 15th Anniversary of the...

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Download the episode We’re Eastbound & Down…AGAIN!! Guilty Pleasures is teaming up with Front Row Classics to talk about the Smokey & The Bandit trilogy. On this episode, we get into...

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Download the episode It’s time to hit the road….The ICE ROAD!! Guilty Pleasures is back and we’re doing a Full Disclosure on Netflix’s newest action thriller. Liam Neeson, Laurence...

Listen · 1:40:49