1. 71: SUPER BOOKS & SNOOPY SHOW William Pepper 1:43:48

In episode 71 of IT’S A PODCAST, CHARLIE BROWN, all your questions will be answered…

…because we’re checking out the five-volume series CHARLIE BROWN’S SUPER BOOKS OF QUESTIONS & ANSWERS and the FIFTEEN volumes of the ‘cyclopedias that followed.

Then, once you have your fill of Snoopy-fied knowledge, we take a look at the first episode of THE SNOOPY SHOW, season 2!

And, of course, we’ve got a random strip of the month and an episode of “Peanuts by Schulz” called “True or False”. 

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Mining by Moonlight” and “Bass Walker”. 

Thanks to Henry Pope for the use of “Linus & Lucy” remix.

Thanks to Sean Courtney for the “Storytime” theme.

Thanks to Nick Jones for “25% Off”.

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