1. 87: PUT DOWN THAT CAT FOOD! (THE SNOOPY SHOW, S2 Ep 8) William Pepper 56:01

Greetings, fellow blockheads! If you’re still recovering from the Valentine’s Day festivities, what better way than with a thing you love? Peanuts!

This episode, we’ve got “The Snoopy Show” S2, ep 8. This might be one of my favorites.

Plus, author Michelle Abate returns with a “Random Strip of the Month”. It’s a good one, featuring my favorite character! Michelle is the author of “Blockheads, Beagles and Sweet Babboos”, out next month. Check out my conversation with her about that in episode 86, then check out the book.

Plus, we catch up on Peanuts news and feeback. And. So. Much. More.

Good grief!

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Mining by Moonlight”, “Bass Walker”, and “Hidden Agenda”.

Thanks to Henry Pope for the use of his “Linus & Lucy” remix. 

Thanks to Sean Courtney for the “This Month in Peanuts History” theme.

Thanks to Nick Jones for the use of “25% Off”.

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