1. 96: GROUP HUG! William Pepper 1:12:09

Hugs all around! In episode 96, we’re checking in with “This Month in Peanuts History” (July, that is). We also check out an episode of “Peanuts by Schulz” called “Not Your Day” and “The Snoopy Show”, S3, episode 2. 

Spies! Gastrointestinal problems! And so much more. It’s good, honest. 

Oh! And I visited a Schulz Museum traveling exhibit called “Life and Art of Charles Schulz”. Hear all about that in this episode.

Thanks to Kevin McLeod at Incompetech.com for creative commons use of his songs “Mining by Moonlight”, “Bass Walker” and “Hidden Agenda”.

Thanks to Sean Courtney for the “This Month in Peanuts History” theme.

Thanks to Nick Jones for the use of his song “25% Off”.

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