1. Boomer Esiason and James Smith-Williams Ben Standig 1:03:26

The Athletic’s Ben Standig is back with a guest-heavy show featuring former NFL quarterback Boomer Esiason, Commanders DE James Smith-WIlliams, and PFF salary cap analyst Brad Spielberger.

Open – Ben with the latest on Chase Young and offensive line intrigue.

6:40 – Ben and Boomer discuss Commanders-Giants, QB play, Heinicke-Wentz, Boomer’s BMOC days with the Terps, and his partnership with FanDuel now that legalized sports gambling has come to Maryland

22:05 – Ben and JSW on Washington’s surge, the DL, why James likes messing with reporters, and his latest charitable endeavors during the holiday season

28:04 — Brad returns to the pod to explore Daron Payne and the potentially exploding DT market, Washington’s future salary cap scenarios and paying quarterbacks