1. Commanders QB search and Dan Snyder's future; Fred Katz talks Wizards Ben Standig 1:45:06

The Athletic’s Ben Standig is here for deep dives into the Commanders’ offseason and the new-look but same old Wizards with Lindsay Jones and Fred Katz.

*Ben opens the show telling folks to be careful about “lyin’ season’

*Then here comes Lindsay Jones, The Athletic’s national NFL writer (8:35). What she’s hearing about the league-wide QB searches and decisions, the NFL’s rift with Dan Snyder, takeaways from the Rams’ Super Bowl victory, and her Super Bowl experience in LA.

*Ben and Fred Katz (The Athletic) spoke for so long about the Wizards that the discussion requires two parts. In this section (53:10), the fellas ponder the current iteration following all those trade-deadline deals; why the constant roster shifting is hardly ideal, Rui Hachimura’s positive steps; and why Bradley Beal heading into free agency is riskier than ever.