1. Finances and Football Ben Standig 1:03:43

The Athletic’s Ben Standig is back with two guests: The Athletic’s sports business insider Dan Kaplan and ESPN NFL prognosticator Mike Clay.

Ben opens the show with notes on his new story about Terry McLaurin’s extension talks — go read in full on The Athletic — and plans for his subscriber’s only first-round mock draft.

Then Dan Kaplan shares his reporting on allegations of financial improprieties by a former Commanders employee to Congress. Tread lightly with any excitement over Dan Snyder’s status, but this story is far from over (6:50).

Them some actual football talk with Mike Clay (27:44), whose early math on the 2022 season bodes well for Washington. For real. The fellas also discuss how to make sense of Carson Wentz’s positive stats vs. negative perception; Wentz’s impact on McLaurin; defensive hope; the WR draft class, and more.