1. Jack Del Rio fallout and what's Dan Snyder's next move? Ben Standig 1:07:10

The Athletic’s Ben Standig is talking stadium fizzles, looming congressional hearing, Jack Del Rio fallout — and what it all means for Commanders owner Dan Snyder’s next moves. Plus actual football talk (offense more stable than the defense?) and whether Terry McLaurin shows for next week’s mandatory mini-camp with Michael Phillips from the Richmond Times-Dispatch.

Ben also replays part of the Dec. 19 episode with Al Galdi where the two were at their fortune-teller best on the stadium talk (55:25)

UPDATE: Ron Rivera, via a statement issued by the team, fined Del Rio $100,000 for his comments on Wednesday. The defensive coordinator referenced the Jan. 6, 2021 events at the U.S. Capitol as a “dust-up” while defending a tweet he posted earlier in the week that questioned why nationwide protests in the summer of 2020 that included “riots” receive less scrutiny.