1. Ron Rivera's power, Wizards coaching search, Top Chef Ben Standig 1:32:03

The Athletic’s Ben Standig is back for a new episode with guests Tom Haberstroh (Meadowlark Media/”Pack Your Knives” podcast) and Chris Russell (Team 980) to talk the Washington Football Team, the Wizards coaching search and “Top Chef.” After Ben opens the show with a recap of his LA vacation, Chris joins the discussion (12:40) for thoughts on the WFT including the depths of Ron Rivera’s power and how might he use it ahead of the 2021 NFL season. Then the conversation shifts to the Wizards and food competition shows. Ben and Tom break down the Wizards’ roster paths and head coaching scenarios, and whether the combination suggests there’s a rebuild coming. Since Tom talks weekly about Top Chef, they also share thoughts on the just-concluded season and compare contestants to NBA players.