1. Sam Cosmi; WFT training camp preview and fan survey Ben Standig 1:19:23

The Athletic’s Ben Standig returns for a new episode. Guests: Washington rookie OT Sam Cosmi; WFT fans and “Surviving Snyder” podcast co-hosts Dalton Ross (Entertainment Weekly, Brendan Shapiro and Rick Devens. Ben opens the show with thoughts on Washington’s depth concerns and a DL injury update (2:30). Then Cosmi enters the fray as the second-round pick chats about his rise from unheralded recruit to Day 2 NFL pick, how his athleticism translates into OL success, living on his own and Mountain Dew. Then Ben dives into The Athletic’s fan survey with Dalton, Brendan and Rick. How many wins this season? Breakout player? Ryan Fitzpatrick expectations? Do you trust the organizational direction? (33:00). Ben then wraps up the episode congratulating the Milwaukee Bucks and defining NBA super teams (114:10).