1. Mitch Landrieu, The Man Biden Hopes Can Rebuild America, Bring Broadband To Millions NPR 13:19

The Bipartisan Infrastructure Act is a $1.2 trillion law meant to spur a massive infrastructure renewal and rebuilding program complete with new bridges, railroads and highways.

It also allocates $65 million to expand internet access to all.

Mitch Landrieu, the former mayor of New Orleans, is the man Biden tapped to make sure the massive job gets done.

In this episode from Consider This from NPR, Scott Detrow speaks with Landrieu about the Affordable Connectivity Program, which provides monthly $30 subsidies for lower-income individuals to buy Internet access, and with Kathryn de Wit, project director for the Pew Charitable Trust’s Broadband Access Initiative, about why accessing the internet is no longer a luxury, but a necessity.

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