1. Trump "Sexually Abused" E. Jean Carroll In 1990s, Jury Says NPR 15:50

This episode includes discussion of sexual violence.

Jurors found former President Donald Trump liable for battery and defamation in the civil lawsuit brought by writer E. Jean Carroll, who says Trump raped her in a Manhattan department store.

While the jurors did not find that Trump raped Carroll, they agreed that he “sexually abused” her and that he defamed her when he denied her story.

Carroll was awarded $5 million in total damages for both claims.

And New York Republican Rep. George Santos, infamous for lies about his background, has pleaded not guilty to more than a dozen federal charges.

This episode: White House correspondent Tamara Keith, reporter Andrea Bernstein, national political correspondent Mara Liasson, and national justice correspondent Carrie Johnson.

The podcast is produced by Elena Moore and Casey Morell. Our editor is Eric McDaniel. Our executive producer is Muthoni Muturi.

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