1. Trump Tried To Join Attack On Capitol; Our Interview With VP Harris On End Of Roe NPR 26:49

According to testimony from White House aide Cassidy Hutchinson, Trump knew that the some protesters were armed before encouraging them to march on the Capitol, didn’t want to intervene once they stormed the building, and indicated he agreed with the chants that Vice President Pence should be hanged. Hutchinson said that Rudy Giuliani and Chief of Staff Mark Meadows sought pardons.

And, in an interview with NPR’s Asma Khalid, Vice President Kamala Harris refused to say whether she supports ending the filibuster — a tool that allows senators to force a 60-vote majority to pass legislation and has stymied the administration’s goals. She said that right now, there is not enough support among the party’s lawmakers to make that change and that voters who are concerned need to elect more Democrats to Congress.

This episode: White House correspondent Scott Detrow, congressional correspondent Deirdre Walsh, senior political editor and correspondent Ron Elving, and White House correspondent Ron Elving.

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