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Forget Waldo, It’s ‘Where’s Bernie?’ Now!

February 2nd, 2021

Forget Waldo. The heck with Carmen Sandiego. The real question the past few days has been, “Where’s Bernie now?” Ever since the hilarious and singular picture of Bernie Sanders at the Biden inauguration dropped — featuring a stern and cold looking Sanders bundled up in a giant parka and wearing funky mittens — it’s been a huge sensation. People have been having a blast photoshopping the Vermont Senator and putting him into outrageous situations. We’ve been enjoying the memes and posts just as much as you have. And we’ve also been putting together... Read More

Warren Spits Fire, Bloomberg And Klobuchar Get Burned In Nevada Debate

February 20th, 2020

Here’s my completely subjective take on the debate in regard to each of the candidates, from left to right on the stage: Bloomberg: Really awful night. This illustrates the difference between illusion and substance. People have been buying the illusion of his monolithic advertising push and he’s been going up in the polls based upon his terrific public relations campaign. Last night he finally had to campaign and face fire, and got battered with actual facts and it wasn’t pretty. He had some good points in regard to climate change and there were a few moments he did ok, but largely... Read More